12 Quick Blog Tips Plus 3 FREE!

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Here are 12 quick blog tips to use as you’re creating copy and content for your blog.

Blog Tip # 1: Starting easy – make sure your blog updates your Facebook and Twitter accounts (and make sure readers can share your post on Facebook and Twitter).

Blog Tip # 2: If you make a salient point, back it up with a colorful example or a relevant link.

Blog Tip # 3: Interact with readers who take the time to comment on your blog. A ‘Thank You’ and an honest reply go a long way to building rapport and community.

Blog Tip # 4: Do you have a friend on Facebook or Twitter who is an ‘influencer’ that can occasionally share your posts to their fans and followers?

Free Tip: Write short, crisp bullet point sentences for easy brain digestion! Quick Blog Tips

Blog Tip # 5: Are you link building by posting thoughtful and well conceived comments on other similar blogs?

Blog Tip # 6: Break apart old (but relevant) longer posts into 3 parts. Refresh and/or update some of the content if needed and them send them out as a 3-parter. Voila! 3 easy posts!

Blog Tip # 7: Are you linking back to other posts within your blog? It helps give your readers more reason to stick around on your blog.

Blog Tip # 8: Are you focusing on keywords and phrases as you’re writing your headlines and body copy.

Free Tip: Using “How To…” is a great headline. People know immediately you’re helping to solve a problem.

Blog Tip # 9: Think ‘problem/solution’ when writing your blog. What does the reader want? A solution, knowledge, insight, a better way to do something? Yep.

Blog Tip # 10: Authority and Relevance. What was the intent of writing the post? How did you deliver on your message? Did it satisfy the reader’s need?

Blog Tip # 11: Mention and link to other authorities in your industry. Then brazenly drop them a line saying, “hey, I mentioned you in my blog post because I appreciate your content.”

Blog Tip # 12: If you can, have someone proofread your post. Example (this post was published before it was finalized – whoops!).

Free Tip: Engage upfront! Readers are cramming in a post before their coffee cools and have to get back to work.

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