Jason –

As 1Q 2017 is coming to a close, I think it’s important that we look at a few things. I want to make sure we’re in alignment moving forward, especially as the new showroom is nearing completion and you’re focused on continuity of the brand presence – the showroom, the website, marketing materials, social presence, etc.

Quick overview of 2017 to date:

  • I was able to talk to Bob briefly…sounds like things are busy…hopefully our efforts have been a part of that…
  • Overall website traffic continues a steady increase upwards each month
  • Inquiries coming in through the website have increased each month
    • 5 in Nov, 7 in Dec, 13 in Jan, 22 in Feb and 12 to date in March
  • We continue to rank well on Page 1 of returns for focused keywords (see image at bottom of page)…you can see by the chart, maintaining top rankings is an ongoing task requiring continued efforts. We should add more focus keywords for targeting. I track about 40 keywords. We can add more to track.

Our continuing focus is based around:

  • Website evolution
  • Website visibility/SEO
  • More brand awareness
  • Coordination with Elevate

Website Evolution:

Website needs to evolve to reflect the look, feel and direction you are envisioning for OF911 — and have that consistent with the look of the new location and your sales approach.
*I’d like to talk further about the specifics of how you want pages to look + how you envision those pages functioning. We’ve talked about 2 different looks. One we can achieve faster, the other will take a little while to design (like StrongProject.com).
*Let’s continue to look at websites that you like and how you want people to interact with the site.

Continued Focus on Website Visibility

We need to continue our efforts on the website for “being found” through online searches — i.e. continuing to add Authoritative & Relevant content to the website through additional inventory images/info, new pages and new blog posts, management of citation and directory listings, more inbound links, etc. — the tasks we’ve been doing — and have been working to get you listed on Page 1 of Google Searches.

Creating More Brand Awareness:

Expanding from a reactive approach (SEO/being there when people go searching) to include a “proactive approach” where we’re pushing the message outward (i.e. — branding through use of a mix of Display Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Email Marketing/to create greater awareness and brand recognition).

Coordination With Elevate:

Elevate and their objectives — is there more we can be doing to support their efforts on your behalf?

Areas we still need to focus on:

Continuing my approach of content develop and optimization of website (both onsite and offsite) along with social media promotion and pay per click ads.

Continue to Add Inventory to Website

– Inventory pages, collectively, are your most viewed pages — and are also important in drawing in new visitors to the website.

Email Marketing

– between your contacts, inquiries from the website and addresses Ive pulled from industry relevant/location relevant people — commercial real estate brokers, HR people, etc. we probably will have 200-300 emails to which we can send monthly emails. I think we should approach this aggressively. Email is an amazingly effective tool that we’re not currently utilizing.

Topics for emails – new location, PR releases, general information about offices — anything related to office environments, furniture, etc.

Would set up a Constant Contact, MailChimp or other service. Could integrated with the website as well.

Reviews — Super Important

I would like to be able to interact with customers, partners, friends, etc. in order to increase the number of Reviews for Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, etc. This is an area that your local competitors are not focusing on and represents a great opportunity for you.


In addition to Elevate’s deliverables, we need to look at a PR Release for the new location/grand opening/ launch party. There are a number of media outlets, etc that would have interest in this within the local business community.

Campaign Development

I think it’s going to be critical to bring in my creative director to help build a consistent brand across the website, social media and other marketing collateral.


– Let’s see if we can get back to regular meetings. The more I know about what’s going on, the better I can market on your behalf.


John / Exo Creative