2 Main Goals Of Your Business Blog

John KennertyBlog, Social Media

There are 2 main goals that you should keep in mind when writing blog posts for your businessAcquisition and Retention. blog for small business


Goal # 1 is acquisition. You’re trying to bring in new customers, right? It’s the same goal you have when you run ads on TV, radio, in print publications or online. You’re trying to capture the attention of a potential new customer so they will call you when they need or want your product or service.

Blog posts on your website are just one more marketing tool you have at your disposal. But unlike those other marketing tools, your blog posts live forever. As soon as you stop paying for your media (newspaper ads, Google AdWords, etc.) the effectiveness of the advertising stops. Blog posts continue to bring in new customers. The live forever on the Internet. They also add content to your website making your website stronger and more searchable.

And the more well-written posts you have, the better optimized your website is for search. ‘Optimized for search’ just means that your potential new customers can find your website better than your competitor’s website.


Goal # 2 is retention. Retention means keeping your current customers as customers – and not losing them to your competition. The idea of keeping your customers is pretty simple. Actually keeping them is not.

One way to retain your customers is to continually provide them with information that they find valuable. That’s easy to do with a blog post. If you’re a general contractor, this information might pertain to helpful household maintenance tips. If you’re a restaurant owner you might blog about menu changes, local events you’re supporting or a variety of ‘how-to’ posts like letting your customers know how to make reservations or how to choose the best wines.

Your blog should serve to provide reasons for old customers to stay associated with you. Keeping your current customers is a lot cheaper than acquiring new ones. Using the same approach of good customer service that you probably already provide is the same approach you should be using for your blog posts.

Do blog posts need to be able to acquire and retain customers at the same time?

By default, most blog posts will do both. That being said, there will be times when your intent for a single post is driven more by wanting to acquire rather than retain (or vice versa).

Before you write your posts, take some time to map out what is important to your customers, whether new or old. Understanding what’s important to them will help you deliver quality information that they can use.

Inevitably, what’s good for the customer is what’s good for you.