3 Business Services That Will Add Value To Your Tampa Business

John KennertyYou Need This

Running small and mid-sized businesses is – well – difficult. Here are 3 business services we recommend for helping you manage your business smoothly.

User-friendly tools are available to business owners. It’s a matter of discovering them, evaluating them based on your needs and then utilizing them to their fullest if you deem they can be beneficial to you or your organization.

Here are 3 business services we recommend.


Evernote has a goal to help people remember everything – really – everything. This services allows you to catalog, save, find and share all of the things you come across online (and some things offline like photos you take or notes you write in your phone). It works like your second brain so you don’t have to remember that neat site you were going to share with your Aunt Myra.



Freshbooks makes accounting easy. While this is not a free services (unless you have less than clients that you’re billing) it’s an invoicing service that helps you keep your accounting chores clean and simple. For freelancers and small service providers, it’s a great way to keep organized. Plus, your clients will appreciate how easy you’re making invoicing for them. That may be it’s biggest benefit!


PR Log:

PR Log is a free PR Release distribution service. You can create a free account, upload information about your business and then create PR Releases. Once you hit the submit button, your PR Release is shared online.

It’s a great tool for getting your word out, driving quality traffic to your website and raising awareness about your company. And yes, all of this helps with your SEO efforts as well.