3 Reasons Why We’ll Miss Steve Jobs Here at Exo Creative

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Last week Steve Jobs of Apple stepped down as CEO of Apple.

Apple logo

Image from BGR Media, LLC.

For roughly forty years, Jobs was the living, breathing public persona of the Apple mystique. It’s a relative understatement to say that he was a visionary marketer and business leader as well as an advanced design engineer and problem solver.

Jobs, his company and the company’s products influenced everything from product design to cultural habits to breakthroughs in new marketing techniques.

Here are the 3 reasons why we’ll miss Steve Jobs here at Exo Creative:

  • His innovation: Apple personal computers, iPods, iPhones, Pixar, etc…what more is there to say?
  • His passion: Yes, he was known to be aggressive and demanding, but inspiration and charisma equate to difficulties in allowing others to take over. We look on the bright side here.
  • His creativity: Being able to ‘see into the future’, anticipate and sculpt trends and behaviors while creating functional and fun American icons – that’s amazing!

We’ll Miss Steve Jobs Here at Exo Creative

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