3 Tips to Boosting your Marketing Plan for 2012

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Need some quick tips for boosting your marketing plan for 2012? 3 tips to boost marketing for 2012

Here are 3.

(keep in mind that the tips are quick, but approach each with a plan to ensure success)

# 1 Social Media works – use it

Yeah, yeah. Everyone says to use Social Media for your marketing, but why? Let’s run down the benefits.

  • Helps increase inbound links to your website
  • Helps increase traffic to your website
  • Helps optimize your website
  • Allows you to have conversations with your customers
  • There are many other benefits, but these are a great start…

What options do you have – plenty! Start a blog. Create a Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare account. There’s also Yelp and Google Pages and many more.

If you’re not currently using a Social Media tool or don’t have the time to master all of them, start small and just pick one – a blog or a Facebook business page are good places to start (plus, if your business does not have a website, your blog or Facebook page can be a substitute).

Case Study: we worked with an online retailer that sells gear and apparel to police and firefighters to create a comprehensive plan using Social Media to capture new customers while keeping current customers engaged. Traffic to their blog jumped 800% in 2 months and their interactions on Facebook and Twitter increased dramatically as well.

So, you already consider yourself a savvy social media marketer? If so, are you managing your social media marketing with a plan? Remember, Facebook and Yelp, etc. are just tools – make them work for you. Do you have goals, objectives and methods for measuring effectiveness? Do you periodically analyze your progress? If not, now is a good time to regroup.

# 2 PR Releases are powerful – use them
The press release is underutilized by most small and medium sized businesses. There is no reason for that. News publications and websites thrive on new information so their readers can stay informed. Current and interesting news keeps them relevant.

Editors are just like us – they’re busy! If you can feed them news and updates, you’ve got a great chance of being included in the local paper, business journal or local website. The same goes for industry trade publications and websites.

And fortunately, distributing your press releases is much easier than it used to be. Now you can reach the editors of most publications through email.

Keys to good PR?

  • Only distribute good quality information
  • Prepare the release correctly and make it easy for an editor to pick up the info and images
  • If you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind – be a squeaky wheel
  • Thank the publications that pick up your release – maybe they’ll pick up the next one too

Case Study: we wanted to help a client who is a naval engineer raise awareness. We created a one-sheet PDF about our client and his business (with content and graphics) and sent it out to editors and reporters at top publications within the commercial marine industry. We made it easy for content decision makers to reach out to him for quotes, interviews and insight.

If you’ve not written a press release, google ‘How to write a PR Release‘ – you’ll find dozens of helpful articles. There are some basic guidelines you should adhere to.

# 3 Linked In – work it

Yes, Linked In could be filed under Social Media, but it’s such a powerful tool that it has to be broken out by itself. What other media tool allows you to connect with so many other business leaders and decision makers?

And like you, most of the people on Linked In are there because they want to connect with others. Plus, in their line of work, they are always looking for solutions. If you can build a rapport with with people, if you can provide good information, if you can position yourself as an expert or thought leader in a particular area, then you’ll increase your chances of being the person people turn to when they need a solution.

Case Study: Link up with Dan Sherman and see how he works it. If you want to really understand how to market yourself and your services through Linked In, Dan’s unabashed approach is a great learning tool.

Linked In is not about building your number of connections – it’s about building quality connections that will help your business. Think about that when you’re using this tool.