Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Great Content for Local Tampa Bay SEO

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Besides always breaking news stories and crazy cat videos, the Internet is “the place to go” to seek information. That’s important for Tampa Bay business owners and marketing managers to keep in mind as they’re building and maintaining their websites.

There are hundreds of thousands of questions asked online within Tampa Bay every single day…like:

  • closest burger joint in St. Pete?
  • what’s the weather in Bradenton?
  • what time is the Rays game?
  • best personal injury attorney Brandon

Google, in it’s efforts to provide search engine users with the most relevant and most authoritative answers to questions, will comb your website, and it the information is good, will serve it up. That means, if you sell products or services locally in greater Tampa Bay, you want to “be found” when people have questions. If they have questions, they’re gathering information so they can make a decision – often a buying decision.

That’s when you want to be found, right?

So, how can you rank your Tampa Bay business website better (and higher) within Google?

local seo tampa based on good content, answers to FAQs

Local Tampa SEO Tip: Feed your tired, hungry and downtrodden with useful information!

Google looks for content (words, pictures, etc.) on a website that match a search query. By providing detailed, rich, useful and current information, your website will begin to rank higher in the search engines.

One very important way to generate content that is detailed, rich, useful and current is to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that other customers or clients have had (or may have) about your product or service.

If you’ve been in business for more than about 3 hours, you will have already encountered many questions related to your business, what it does and how it can help customers. A good website should feature a FAQ page with answers to key questions. Blog posts also offer a great way to drill down and fully answer frequently asked questions.

Not only does having an FAQ section or pages devoted to FAQs help your customers, it also helps Google better understand what your business does. This “better understanding” will allow Google to rank you higher in the search returns.

You’ll have more pages on your website (a plus for SEO) and that content should be “keyword rich” with keywords, keyword phrases and similar keywords (i.e. use of lawyer, law firm, attorney, legal). BTW – Google is very good at knowing that lawyer and attorney are the same thing).

Some examples of FAQs:

  • do you offer free consultations (FAQ for Tampa law firms)?
  • how often should I water my lawn during the summer (FAQ for Brandon landscaping company)?
  • what documents do I need to file my business taxes (FAQ for Hyde Park CPA firms)?
  • why visit urgent care over the emergency room (FAQ for Bradenton urgent care centers)?
  • what does factory certified mean (FAQ for Plant City auto parts dealer or mechanic)?

Obviously, the number of FAQs are varied and endless…

FAQs allow you to get useful information about your business in front of potential new clients and customers. Importantly, creating FAQs and their answers should be about one of the easiest things you as a marketer or business owner can do. All of the information is in your head. It’s just needs to be put onto your website.


FAQs also make for good Social Media Updates. Posting to your company Facebook page, LinkedIN page, etc provides you things to post about and can extend your reach.

Real life examples in the Tampa Bay area:

The Karenko Law Firm in Brandon offers FAQs for divorce law (though they could offer a lot more).

Gregory Zacharias, Tampa CPA, offers these tax resources – (they should offer more too).

Comegys Insurance Agency in St. Petersburg offer up these insurance FAQs for potential clients (they’ve done a good job here).