Designing Books to Move from Store Shelves to Hand to Home

With more than 250 adult, young adult and children’s book cover designs under our belt, we understand the entire process of book design including:

  • creative concepts and comps
  • layout of interior pages
  • design of book covers and jackets
  • illustration and artwork
  • editing
  • publishing and marketing

Book Design

Successful book design begins with good communication between the designer and the editors or publishers of the book.

Books are published with an audience in mind and it is the job of the designer to develop a book design (both inside and out) that conveys the message and subject matter of the book. Designers are also tasked with creating a compelling cover design that helps the book stand out on a crowded bookshelf, whether in a bookstore or on Amazon.

Design projects are led by Meredith Pratt, an experienced children’s, young adult and adult book designer.

Adult, Young Adult and Children’s Book Design

We’ve been fortunate to work with the top publishers of adult, young adult and children’s books including Henry Holt and Company, Macmillan, Christy Ottaviano Books and others. We’ve also been fortunate to work with well-known and successful authors including Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, Penny Coleman and many others.

Tampa, Florida Book Design

Most book designers can be found in New York or the Northeast, the traditional home of book publishing. And while we once called Manhattan and Brooklyn ‘home’, we now call the the Tampa Bay area our home. Whether you’re an established author, a self-publisher, a small press or an editor with one of the larger publishing houses, we can help you with the interior layout and cover design for your next book.

Meredith Pratt, lead designer at Exo Creative has been designing book covers and interiors for national publishers for nearly 20 years. Her understanding of how to balance the author and publisher’s requirements with the desires and interest of today’s book buyers has made her a much sought-after book designer within the industry.