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Thanks to reading Heather Lende’sIf You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name‘ and ‘Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs‘ some of us here re-discovered our love of the mindblowingly empty state that is Alaska. Seriously, this state is so devoid of human life they pay you to be a full-time resident. (North Dakota, an idea…?) Both non-fiction books center around life in the tiny outpost of Haines.
Much to our surprise, the Chilkat Valley News (Haines’ local weekly paper) suddenly began appearing in Exo’s mailbox, a subscription courtesy of a super-thoughtful family member. It’d be a solid bet we’re the only business in Florida receiving the 8-pager. Talk about a conversation starter. By the time we receive it the news is already over a week old; after all, it has to travel 3,802 miles.
Details from the recent police report:
  • A caller reported a motor home parked in a traffic lane on Fourth Avenue. An officer responded and left a note for the owners on where they could legally park.
  • A person reported someone did not come back and pay their fee at the landfill. An officer responded and contacted the individual who had left the area. The person said he would return on Monday to pay the fee.
  • A caller reported a rabbit that appeard to be tame on FAA Road. Haines Animal Rescue Kennel was advised.
  • A person reported seeing a man lying in a boat floating down the river at 16 Mile Haines Highway and was concerned the person might have been hurt or passed out. A state trooper responded and located the man, who reported he was sleeping in his boat a few minutes prior to the trooper’s arrival.
We love getting this paper for the police reports alone, never mind the advertising. This paper is packed full of small business ad gems. These do-it-yourself spots, despite their approach and appearance, must be exceptionally effective. They keep turning up in every issue, same ads over and over. Our fave: Call Paul.
Quaint that Paul doesn’t even need to list his area code. Or last name. Keep up the good work, Paul. We love you, man.

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