Creative Political Marketing – Vote Mark Dorosin

John KennertyGeneral Marketing

While traveling around Chapel Hill, NC this week, we came across a new and creative spin on local political advertising.

Mark Dorosin, the Managing Attorney at the University of North Carolina Center for Civil Rights, a is running for County Commissioner of Orange County, NCcreative political advertising tampa

His campaign is just downright different.

The website is brightly colored, direct and easily digestible. The look and feel of the site appeal to his audience and the local demeanor of Chapel Hill and Carrboro – populated by a lively, educated and somewhat funky diverse group of people.

His road and yard signs mimic the look, black and orange, noticeable…different.

Apparently mirroring Dorosin’s take on life and politics, his creative political marketing efforts are not your standard approach to attracting votes.

We think local and national candidates should take a hard look at their campaigns. Anyone looking to break away from the pack would do good to leave the staid palette of red, white and blue behind in favor of something different.

Awareness and recall is helped by focusing on differences and leaving standard fair for standard candidates.

Kudos to Dorosin’s novel approach – as a creative design firm, we vote YES!