Exo Creative Chosen To Redesign Website for the Florida Association for Water Quality Control

John KennertyExoCreative News, Website Design

After a search for website development firms in the Tampa Bay area, Exo Creative was chosen by the Florida Association for Water Quality Control (FAWQC) to redesign the association’s website.

The goal of the updated design is to develop a clean, simple and easy to navigate website which promotes more interaction from website visitors, easier content administration for website administrators and a brand that is representative of the goals and ideals of FAWQC.

FAWQC is an association of professionals dedicated to managing, improving, and protecting the quality of Florida’s waters. The association is made up of engineers, consultants, biologists and representatives from many other fields whose focus is on environmental preservation and sustainability in accordance with initiatives of both public and private investments in Florida’s future.

You can visit their current website here. The new website is slated for release by June 2015.