Exo Creative Helps Launch Office Wingman Program For Tampa Commercial Mover

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Handyman Services for Tampa Area Businesses and Organizations

As a business owner, office manager or facility manager, where do you turn when you need “handyman” projects done around the office? Who assembles new cubicles or changes light bulbs in the 30 ft. atrium of your building?

Often, those projects are either left to employees (who should be focused on other duties) or are farmed out to local companies as “one-off” jobs.

But now with the new Office Wingman™ program from Office Movers of Florida, local companies across Tampa Bay can make one call and feel confident that the provided services are done correctly, safely and efficiently.

What Are Those Services? photo9-e1412963204447

  • Repair of desk nicks, scratches, dings and scrapes
  • Inspection of broken furniture-estimate parts, with repairs done on-site
  • Realignment of file, desk and workstation drawers and keyboard trays
  • Reconfiguration of office furniture, cubes and workstations
  • Mounting of TV’s, wall art, whiteboards, heavy items
  • Disposal of appropriate office items directly to dumps or for recycling
  • Cubicle and workstation maintenance (for kick plates, file cabinet drawers, top caps, etc.)
  • File storage (on-site at your location or at our 16,000 SF warehouse)
  • Assembly and installation of newly purchased office furniture
  • Relocation and placement of large office equipment
  • Removal of scuffs and smudges from walls
  • Installation of window treatments
  • Changing of light bulbs
  • Boxing, packing and shipping of large office items
  • Building or installing shelves and shelving systems
  • Much, much more!

Learn More About Office Wingman

Visit the Office Wingman™ website here.
Visit the Office Movers of Florida website here.

Learn More About Office Wingman

Exo Creative designed the Office Wingman™ logo and marketing materials including a niche website, 4 x 9 rack cards, magnets, business cards and more. Ongoing development of content, lead generation and marketing strategy is also provided by Exo Creative.