Exo Creative Providing Web Marketing Services to Engineering Group, Aero Dyne Sound Control

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Exo Creative is now providing web marketing services to engineering group, Aero Dyne Sound Control.

Aero-Dyne (with sales headquarters in Albany, NY) manufactures the High Efficiency Profile (H-E-P) Turning Vane and Rail System for use in Commercial HVAC Systems. Turning vanes, while a very small component aero-dyne-logo-fullwithin HVAC systems, play an important role in directing air flow efficiently while reducing airflow noise within the ductwork.

That’s of great importance in commercial projects where efficiency can lead to dramatic operational cost savings. Similarly, for buildings like hospitals, schools and performing arts centers, noise reduction is a vital component of the project.

Aero-Dyne was seeking ways to better promote their product online to both the mechanical engineers who specify these high quality vanes within their plans as well as to the mechanical contracting firms who build an install the HVAC  systems.

Exo Creative will provide retainer-based web marketing services that will include:

  • Search Engine Marketing and Website Promotion
  • Content Development
  • Graphic Design and Advertising Creative
  • Management of Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Linkbuilding campaigns

Exo Creative began work with Aero-Dyne on April 1, 2015.