How To Manage Your Local Tampa, Regional or National PPC Campaigns Effectively

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For local Tampa Bay area companies who manage their own PPC – or outsource their PPC budget to a freelancer or agency – here is brief guide at Hubspot that may help to increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

Most companies here in Tampa, specifically small to mid-size businesses, will have Google Ad Words Pay Per Click campaigns ranging from $500 – $15,000 a month. Managing those dollars effectively is extremely important.

Whether you advertise locally or nationally, your goal is to maximize the budget you have and minimize the waste. Hubspot offers tips on how to avoid mistakes in managing your campaigns. Read the full article here.

Here are the 5 Tips:

# 1 – Not logging into your account enough

# 2 – Not optimizing for quality score

# 3 – Ignoring mobile traffic

# 4 – Lousy keyword targeting

# 5 – Not focusing on the landing pages of ads

What we’ve found at Exo is that many companies just simply don’t know how to avoid these mistakes. Not everyone is an expert – or even experienced – and it takes time to become knowledgeable with PPC campaigns.

Also, if someone is managing the PPC account for them, they don’t know what questions to ask to ensure that their PPC budget is being managed as effectively as they need. Google Ad Words offer trackable ROI, more so than most other marketing channels. Because of that, you should be able to hold PPC managers relatively accountable for its management.

Don’t waste your money. At Exo Creative, we can provide a quick analysis of your Ad Words campaign and help you get back on track. For a quick chat, please call John Kennerty at 919-931-0322.