How Voting Today Brought in a New SEO Audit Client

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marketing and seo audits for tampa websites

Yep – business can happen anywhere. A quick trip to the polls today resulted in a new project for a new client.

Their need? A review, or audit, of their website. They’re concerned that the website is not structurally set up correctly to be as optimized for online searches as it could be. And more importantly, they fear the site’s lack of SEO is costing them traffic, views, potential customers and conversions. Yikes!

SEO Audit for a Tampa area website

That’s a lot to get from a quick trip to the voting booth, but sometimes conversations start up and – because people have marketing needs – things just happen.

This new client manages two local urgent care clinics. Their goal everyday is to get new patients walking through the door. Urgent Care is a high volume, low margin business. Therefore, the more patients that come in, the more the clinic can generate in revenue.

That means clinics need websites that capture local traffic for a variety of keywords. Potential patients are often looking for 2 things – 1) where is the closest and/or best urgent care facility and 2) what services do they provide and/or what symptoms or issues do I need to have to visit them.

SEO helps potential customers or clients make decisions

A properly SEO’d website will do just that. It will rank highly in local searches and provide information that potential patients need to make the decision to come and visit the clinic.

Our goal will be to analyze the website for SEO for ‘what’s not working’ and then to make suggestions as to what ‘SEO action plan to take.’ From there, we’ll implement the action plan – from fixing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to ‘deeper dive’ work – turning the website into a ‘traffic generating’ and ‘conversion making’ website.


You never know when a marketing conversation might happen. Fortunately, we were in the right spot today and were able to provide real and understandable information that a potential new client could rely on. A quick talk turned into a longer talk and that turned into a new project. That’s a good voting day – regardless of who wins!

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