Is Crushpath right for your next pitch?

John KennertyUncategorized

One of our clients introduced us to and we’re trying it out for a few other clients.

A client of ours that seems to be on the vanguard of ‘all cool apps’ just found another application that could be very useful to smaller companies who need to execute pitches for their products or services in a more efficient manner. 

While we’ve not had a chance to create a small campaign yet, apparently you don’t really need a designer or programmer to create these pitch web pages or market them online.

We imagine though that there is a learning curve – maybe not the 5 minutes Crushpath suggest – but some real time. Any good pitch, offer or campaign requires some thought, some strategy. But perhaps this is one more tool that makes marketing your product or service a little easier.

Crushpath is the radically simple, all-in-one sales and marketing solution anyone can use. We believe big ideas should always beat big budgets. Which is why we make it insanely easy for everyone to market, promote and connect with the world. Visit the Crushpath site here or watch the video below.