Miami Law Firm Uses Mix of Content Marketing and Pay Per Click Ads to Gain New Clients

John KennertyClient News, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing

Personal injury law is a competitive business!

Law firms are continually looking for new clients. And likewise, people who have been injured in accidents are searching for attorneys who can help guide them through their legal options.

It’s at this intersection that ‘buyers of services’ and ‘sellers of services’ meet. Because of the potential dollars involved (in injury compensation for the client and legal fees for the lawyers), competition can be fierce.

Creating multiple marketing touchpoints

Smart law firms will realize that their marketing efforts need to be varied and continual if they’re going to gain awareness in such a busy marketplace. Similarly, they’ll also need to focus efforts on not just gaining awareness of their firm and traffic to their website, but on gaining interaction so they can convert ‘potential clients’ into ‘clients’.

That interaction really needs to be phone calls to the office or contact forms that are filled out on the law firm’s website so the lawyers can call people back.

How do law firms reach new clients?

One of the best ways to reach new potential clients, and then convert them, is to use a marketing mix of various touchpoints – word of mouth, online marketing, billboard advertising, community involvement, etc.

Our client, Waks and Barnett, P.A. of Miami is a cruise ship injury law firm. Slip and fall on the deck of a Carnival Cruise Ship and these are lawyers you’ll call for representation.

They’ve learned that a mix of content marketing and pay per click ads is the best way to gain awareness and new clients. For them, content marketing includes having our firm write ten or more blog posts a month based around key search terms and phrases. We also continually update their website, adding pages, tweaking content and keeping the information on the site fresh and current for the search engines. This is a solid approach for organic search.

Pay per click ads add an extra lawyer of marketing and can be effective for reaching people who are doing specific searches – like “injured on a cruise” or “how to file a claim against Royal Caribbean”. The paid search ads show up on Google search return pages. Potential clients can click the ad and be taken to the website of the law firm.

Marketing is a process

A successful marketing campaign is based around creating a process. You want to create ways to attract potential clients and then ways to convince and convert these potential clients. Managing that process is what most law firms don’t want to do (and that’s why they outsource content marketing and pay per click advertising to companies like Exo).

Need help marketing your law firm? Exo Creative is located in Plant City and can work with firms locally or across the state. We’re an internet connection or phone call away!