Mobile phone visits to local Florida websites increase

John KennertyGeneral Marketing

People using their websites to surf the web continues to increase. The impact of these visitors is beginning to show up in website analytics too.

Remember that time you left your iPhone at home and turned all the way around to go back and get it? mobile device tampa marketing

Us, too. Our phones aren’t just for our personal lives anymore – we use them for business.

And our clients are also seeing an increase in the number of customers that are reaching their websites through their cell phones and pads.

Most of our clients here in Florida have gone from ~10% in 2013 to nearly ~20% of website visits by mobile devices in just the last 9 months.

That’s a big jump!

So what’s the impact of these mobile device visits? Here are 2 thoughts:

# 1

The continuing need to create easy to navigate websites – or mobile versions of websites – so visitors can find the information they’re looking for quickly.

# 2

The continuing need to create calls-to-action that direct website visitors to the places on your site you want them to go. Perhaps it’s a e-mail sign up page, 800#, downloadable PDF, etc.

Smile if you’re reading this blog post on a phone?