Weekly Status Updates for Office Furniture 911

Following are weekly status updates that outline key tasks and objectives completed or started each week in regards to marketing efforts provided for Office Furniture 911. Specific details regarding tasks can be supplied as needed. Some tasks are new each week, other tasks are done on a regular basis. The goal of each task and objective is to enhance the online visibility of Office Furniture 911. Scroll down for week-by-week updates.


Week of 5/15 – 5/19, 2017 (10 hours)

Reviewed pages on OF911 to see where to add new content – focusing on Call Center Cubicles/Workstations
Added 6 new pages with content focused on Call Center Cubicles/Workstations + local Location
Replied to Google My Business Review
Updated 102 images alt title for OF911 (older images)
Updated HomePage title tag to better represent New Furniture Sales
Identify two companies looking at  OF911 website / Google Analytics – sent to Bob
Set up structure for 10 new blog posts (to be completed week of May 22)
Took emails from website contact form inquiries, added to email list
Set up Hatchbuck CRM & Marketing Software – uploaded contacts, setup tracking code on OF911 site
Outlined approach for adding further tracking capability with contact forms and email click throughs, matching actions on website to visitors, using Hatchbuck
Outlined approach for creating forms/programming to allow clients to Upload Images when Selling Office Furniture
Various touches on site, google analytics, google adwords management and social media


Week of 5/22 – 5/26, 2017 (ongoing)

Optimizing and uploading images to Google My Business Page
Working through further set up on Hatchbuck CRM & Marketing Software – form set up, CAN-SPAM
Various touches on site, google analytics, google adwords management and social media