Patel: Why Webites Rank High on Google Even If They Aren’t Optimized?

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Neil Patel, in his latest blog post at, answers the question of: Why Do Sites Rank High on Google When They Aren’t Optimized?

Patel asks, “have you ever wondered why some sites rank high on Google when they aren’t optimized for search engines? Or even worse, when they barely have any backlinks?”

It’s a valid question and the answers can be a bit frustration for Tampa Bay area businesses that feel like ‘they’re doing everything right’ when it comes to SEO, internet marketing and website development. While the answers may not you feel better about all of your efforts, it does offer a roadmap to making some adjustments to your website and marketing plans.

The reality is, the more info you have, the better prepared you are. Right?

Here are some reason why your site is being outranked

#1 Click Through Rate
#2 Age of Website
#3 Quality and Authority of Backlinks
#4 Cross Linking of Internal Pages
#5 Quality of Your Content
#6 Competition for Certain Keywords
#7 Natural Growth Rate of Your Backlinks

Read Patel’s full blog post here.