PESCO CNG and Exo Creative Help Bring Natural Gas to Florida

John KennertyBlog, ExoCreative News

Solutions for Florida Fleet VehiclesWith the market for natural gas vehicles reaching a tipping point, owners of fleet vehicles are also seeing the benefits of alternative fuel.

In Florida, companies with fleet vehicles are beginning to turn to natural gas suppliers like PESCO CNG to provide them with fuel that is:

  • less expensive – sometimes by half or more than the cost of traditional gas or diesel
  • better for vehicle maintenanceĀ  – extending the life of a vehicle is huge for fleet owners
  • cleaner – natural gas burns clean – a great benefit for mother nature

What is CNG – and what service does PESCO CNG provide to fleet vehicle owners?

CNG stands for compressed natural gas and it can power small and larger vehicles in just the same way as traditional fuels.

PESCO CNG of Winter Haven will provide the gas, the pumping stations and the conversion of fleet vehicles for its Florida customers. That’s a big step for companies who are looking save budget dollars for fleet operations.

PESCO will get the message out through direct mail, e-mail, speaking engagements, public relations and other media opportunities.

Exo Creative and its design partner Ad Mechanics will direct the creative approach, account management, landing page design and other required services.