Quick Marketing Secret for Tampa Law Firms; Clients Want to Know How You Can Help Them

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What’s in it for me

One of the things successful attorneys quickly realize is that their clients are largely focused on one thing and one thing only – “what’s in it for me.” They want to win their case, get a good settlement, be fairly compensated, etc.

They’ve hired (or are looking to hire) a lawyer to represent them because they need help. Something has happened in their personal life or with their business and they need legal representation. And while they may look at the college you went to or your pretty picture in front of the Tampa courthouse, what they really want to know is “how will your experience help them.”

It’s human nature to be more concerned about your situation (and less about others) when your back is against the wall and you’re facing jail time, lawsuits or decreased time with your children after a divorce.

Clients absolutely want to know, “if I hire you, what’s the real benefit to me and how confident do I feel that you’re the lawyer who is going to help me win.”

What does that mean for your firm’s marketing efforts?

Here’s the secret! Very simply, it means that when you’re marketing yourself or your firm, you need to do a good job of explaining how your specific experience and background can help your client.

  • Why does the amount of years you’ve spent practicing law benefit the client?
  • How does ‘board certified’ translate to a client?
  • Explain why “standing up for my rights” is a benefit and not just a statement

Here’s an example of a page on a law firm’s website that’s trying to explain Board Certification. The law firm is Givens Givens Sparks (note: not our client). They talk about what it means to be board certified and it’s a good start and there is some value there, but clients reading this page need to know explicitly why it’s an important benefit to have their attorney be ‘board certified.’ Reading this page is difficult because it’s too much copy without breaks. The benefits are not immediately evident.

Your goal is to help clients understand that working with you will benefit them, their case, their financial position or their potential freedom!

While pointing out case wins or settlement victories are important, you should try to wrap those achievements around benefit copy. For example, instead of saying, “we won 25 case since 2012” benefit copy might say, “our 25 successful verdicts over the last three years mean that we take our client’s case seriously. That means hours of preparation, research and background work is done for each and every client. The more we can understand the, the better we can prepare and the more likely we are to help you achieve the legal results you desire.”

Clients want to know

  • If they can rely on you
  • If they can trust you
  • And that you can outwork, out prepare and out think the opposing lawyers – not just run the case on autopilot

Make the benefits of working with you quickly evident to the client

Like anything else, people want to interact with other people that they’re drawn to. Clients seek trust and look to build a ‘connection.’ They want to know you have their best interest in mind. This needs to be made evident quickly (especially if potential clients are looking at multiple attorney websites before making a decision on who to call).

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