Tampa #10 In Small Biz Social Media Savvy

John KennertySocial Media

Apparently the owners, employees and customers who operate and support small businesses all over Tampa are socially savvy. They (we) rank number 10 in cities with social media savvy. That’s pretty cool!

This info comes from small business analyst company Radius. (We saw it on Mashable).

The report doesn’t really explain what requirements were met or what elements factored into the ranking other than social media presence and daily deal activity. We would assume that a survey was sent out or people and businesses within those cities were polled about their social media habits.

Regardless, it says a lot about the people of Tampa and their comfort with utilizing social media tools. Hopefully this bodes well for crafting innovative marketing approaches and driving new business within the greater Tampa Bay area.

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Infographic from Radius - shared on Mashable