Understanding Why SEO Efforts Can Fail on Your Website

John KennertySearch Engine Marketing

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This interesting article from Search Engine Watch outlines a few reasons why SEO campaigns can fail.

From the article, “…most SEO campaigns are destined for failure because expectations are too high, budgets are too low, decisions are made based on assumptions instead of data and customer expectations are misunderstood.¬†Whether you’re managing a campaign yourself, or you’ve hired an SEO professional, ask these 7 questions to determine if your campaign is on the right track.”

The questions include:

  • Have You Set Realistic Goals?
  • Do You Have a Realistic Timeframe and Budget?
  • Have You Chosen the Right Keywords?
  • Is Your Campaign Delivering the Right Traffic?
  • Do You Have a Professional Website?
  • Are You Writing Content That Your Customers Care About?
  • Are You Tracking Data and Making Improvements?

Read the full article at Search Engine Watch here.

What is Your SEO Strategy?

Many clients we work with either don’t have or were operating with a faulty plan before we started working with them. It’s not uncommon for organizations here in Tampa to know that they need help with optimizing their website for search and conversion of potential customers, but they generally don’t know how to go about doing it.

That’s where we come in. We help analyze websites and marketing efforts to see how our clients can better optimize their websites. We help them determine what SEO goals should be, what the appropriate strategy should be and how to execute the plan for ongoing optimization of their site.

Doing so puts our clients in a better position to attract and acquire news customers – the whole point of putting efforts toward optimization!