What We Learned After Writing 250 Blog Posts

John KennertyBlog, Uncategorized

We realized recently that we’ve written over 250 blog posts posts…and are closing in on 300 now! tampa business blogger

That’s a lot of writing – somewhere in the 60,000+ word range.

We write for clients in greater Tampa Bay as well as for other client around the country.

We’ve focused mostly on business to consumer, but have also written many blog posts from a business to business perspective.

Below is a list of what we’ve learned over the last two years. There is more of course, but these are some of the highlights. Maybe you can glean some value!

You’re not writing for yourself – you’re writing for your client. It’s best to focus on the task at hand, keeping personal opinion and editorial out of the blog post. You’re being paid to add value to a company’s outward facing communication. Take it seriously. Your client takes it seriously when they cut you a check for your work!

If you don’t feel like writing – don’t write. Simply stated…if you’re not feeling it, go do something else. If you try to plow through, your writing will come off flat or boring and you risk pushing out a poor product. Go take some notes.

Take notes. One thing we do is create drafts of topics that we might want to write about later. These notes might be just a URL or a simple headline from a news site. They might be a couple of phrases or even an image. Later, when you’re searching for a topic, you’ll have something to work with.

We know what writer’s block is – and we know it’s temporary. Writer’s block stinks. Take a walk. Take some notes. Go work on media planning or short-term marketing strategy. It’s temporary, it will pass.

We can write about anything – convincingly – and you can too. Once you’ve learned the basic elements of blog writing, you begin to realize that you can write for just about any product or service. Inbound marketing follows rules. Employing these techniques will take you a long way.

We can drive traffic. Yeah, blogging works to drive traffic to the websites of our clients. We have one e-commerce company that sells gear for police, firefighters and EMS. They average 5,000 visits a month – just to their blog. Another client, a yacht design firm, receives 40% of its web traffic from its blog. A local Tampa septic company converts customers from its blog. Blogging really works. And when we say “works” we mean it contributes to the bottom line!

The end goal of blogging for business is simple:

  • Acquisition – you blog to attract new customers.
  • Retention – you blog to provide reasons for old customers to stay associated with you.

Enjoy your writing – it’s worth it.