Tampa Marketing Services Agency

Exo Creative is full-service marketing agency whose sole focus is helping our clients get more clients and make more money. It’s that simple. When we provide the right mix of services – from lead generation, to website development, to graphic design – our clients are happy.

This approach comes from our background in direct marketing and direct response advertising. We focus on the efforts that produce results. Everything else is secondary. That being said, our designers do quite a fantastic job of wrapping brand elements and good design around the machine of customer acquisition.

Who Are Our Clients

The companies we work for are small to mid-size organizations, typically with revenues between $500,000 and $10 million in annual sales or billings. They are law firms, engineering companies, publishers, manufacturers, doctors, techies, business solution providers and more.

Generally these are companies that either don’t have full service marketing support or who have internal marketing teams that require extra help. They’re probably just like your company in that they’ve been pretty darn successful, but hope to be even more successful.

Most of clients have come to realize that they need help. Maybe the need a new website. Perhaps they pipeline of new customers needs an increase. Maybe they need to create presentations, videos or public relations campaigns.

More often than not though, our clients rely on our services to help increase revenue. Deep down, our clients are unabashed entrepreneurs – they enjoy growing their business and making money. They also know that they’re better at law or software consulting than they are at marketing and advertising, and because of that, are willing to let us do what we do best – which is helping them be more successful overall.

We Generate Leads, Get New Customers and Increase Revenue

Our customers ask us to help them get new leads and acquire customers or clients. The goal of doing that is to increase revenue and maximize profit. Our ad agency would not exist if we were not able to do that for our clients.

What Do We Do For Our Clients

Full service means we do it all. We use our collective marketing and design experience to create programs designed to get new customers (it’s what all clients want).

  • Full service work – we manage and advise all of your marketing efforts (by working in concert with you, of course)
  • Project work – we offer a buffet of services (you manage everything else, but just need a new website or new trade show materials for example)
  • Support to internal marketing teams – many internal teams just can’t handle it all or don’t have the skills or resources to do everything asked of them

You Can Hire Us On Retainer for Project Work or Both

Most of our clients keep us on a retainer. That means we manage a specified mix of marketing and advertising objectives each month. That could include blogging and content development (highly effective for most clients) or management of Google AdWords and Pay Per Click campaigns. It could mean that we handle ad placement in media, strategy and implementation for social media or we manage ongoing design work on catalogs, direct mail, email newsletters or other scheduled work.

Some clients just need ‘one-off’ or project work. Maybe it’s optimizing an existing Pay Per Click campaign that is inefficient and ineffective (we see that when companies try to manage this themselves). Or they need to upgrade their website. Or perhaps they need to acquire promotional items or free-giveaways (like our client that orders thousands of tactical knives to use increase email sign-ups)!

Generally though, once we finalize the initial project, other needs arise and an ongoing relationship is created. Clients are happy to let someone else handle the rigors of continual marketing.

We Have Fun Doing What We Do

Our clients are focused and serious. Their end goal is to get more clients and make more money. But at the same time, we’re been extremely fortunate to work with great people. We’re serious too, but we thoroughly enjoy what we do and have fun doing it.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been at a boat show in Miami, at a client meeting in Tampa, or on 125 acre ranch walking among cows and thought, “this is enjoyable and rewarding.

How Can We Help Your Business Succeed?

If you’ve got business objectives that you need to reach (and think you may need some help doing so), we’d enjoy speaking to you. Call 919-931-0322.