Why Tampa Clients Are Asking For Better Developed Sales Kits

John KennertyBlog, General Marketing

Client interest in developing sales kits with compelling content & design has jumped lately as they’re looking to differentiate their products & services from competitors. Are you doing this? 

Over the last 3 or 4 months, we noticed that many of our Tampa and Brandon, Florida clients are coming to us asking for a revised approach to marketing their services. Many of our clients need marketing materials that they can use to outline their products and services to potential customers. They need marketing pieces like sales kits, brochures, pamphlets and trade show materials.

Often, these sales kits are used at a kitchen table or on the hood of a work truck – wherever they happen to be meeting a customer. Typically, our client has been called out to a home or a work site because the customer needs an estimate and they need to understand the services and benefits quickly.

Many of our clients are engineers or architects, but the same process is the same for plumbers, electricians, heat and air companies, painters and general contractors. Really, any company that is going to come into your home and sell you on why their services are different and better could use a product like this. This is especially helpful for anyone selling luxury home services – new windows, large landscaping projects, house painters, irrigation services, lawn treatment services – anyone who is selling products and services where the final bill to the customer is $500 and over.

What we find is that our customers are designing pages in whatever program came with their home computer and are stapling them together. Yikes! Frankly, it’s just not giving potential customers the compelling information and professionally designed look that they need. Their marketing materials could look so much better.

If you’re in Brandon or Lithia, Florida (and especially greater Tampa) you are guaranteed to have competitors who will also be pushing their products and services. You need to have materials that are going to help persuade your customers that you and your company are the right choice for them.

The design of sales kits is not a difficult or long process. And it’s not expensive. We generally meet with our clients to understand what they need and how they plan to use their marketing materials. We then take their existing materials and build them something new that better represents what they have to offer. A clean, fresh look that is visually compelling and has copy content that is simple to read is a powerful marketing tool.

The goal of an initial client visit is to make a sale. Having a professionally designed sales kit along with other marketing materials is a sure way to get closer to that sale.